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"adopt a sailor" 2007

gruenert's art featured in "adopt a sailor"
2007 staring peter coyote, ethan peck and bebe neuwirth

peter coyote

peter coyote in front of gruenert's abstract #9

lauri swenson and mother

fellow artists

shawn mcnulty, usa

shawn mcnulty is a prolific contemporary painter from minneapolis who has been working professionally for the past twenty years. his refreshing approach to creativity has inspired artists all over the world.

roman reisinger, holland

roman reisinger has been working as an artist since september 2001. as a painter he is self taught. since 2004 he has exclusively painted still lifes. he learned the techniques from his father, hans reislinger.

jaison cianelli, usa

jaison cianelli is an abstract artist with a passion for expression.  he uses a modern painting technique of dripped-on paint texture combined with layers of acrylic paint suspended in a gloss medium to create his abstract paintings.

eva wey-weibel

eva wey-weibel - eine junge gestalterin, welche auf verschiedene wege kreative arbeiten umsetzt. unter dem label „abstractart by wey-weibel“ bietet sie nebst bildern in abstrakten farbkombinationen und pop-art stil auch kunstkurse und events für diverse zielgruppen an.

mirek bialy

mirek bialy is a self-representing abstract artist and designer. sometimes he is still doing portraits, still lives and other paintings besides abstract.

monica araoz

in my abstract paintings i try to communicate the beauty i see in simple things – color, textures, patterns and forms. i found the texture of objects especially fascinating. my abstract paintings are in public and private collections in usa, mexico and venezuela and represented by galleries and art consultants. 

bill gingles

painting is alchemy. spirit and matter transformed in the crucible of painting.
nothing is static: as i change paint into paintings, i feel the paintings change me.
i paint because i have to see again and again what will happen next when i am mixed with paint. 

marek petryk

 my interest in art is as old as i am. the first paintings i have done are from my poland-time. my paintings from the last year respond to my current preferences in priorities of art-elements.
intensive colours are in my perception of paint-art, one of the most important painting-media-elements. 

soraida martinez

creator of verdadism, puerto rican artist, latina feminist painter, soraida martinez is a fine artist and designer who is known since 1992 as the creator of the artstyle verdadism- empowerment with truth in life and art.

eva ryn johannissen

abstract and other paintings on canvas, board and paper. contemporary art by swedish painter based in norrtälje, sweden.  my abstract work is seldom abstracted from anything specific in the material world, although they often contain references to landscape, townscape, and other memories from my experience. 

dagmar kleinowitz

In einem heftigen Schaffungsprozess entstehen durch Einfügen, Übermalen, Abschleifen , Zerstören und Belassen meine Bilderwelten, in denen die Spuren des Gestaltens sichtbar und ablesbar bleiben.

hanna al haek

born in syria in 1941. educated at the university of damaskus. several separated exhibitions in syria and he has represented his native country at international exhibitions in several countrys. moved to sweden in 1977. 

vincenzo balsamo

unfortunately, towards the end of the year the artist comes back to italy where he becomes seriously ill and eventually dies in rome on the 1st may 2017 at the age of 81.


dave bush

born in columbus, ohio i was lucky to be "exposed" to photography in high school. i immediately fell in love with photography and became the school's yearbook photographer

gary smith

although photography was one of smith's long time interests, he found himself working with wood which eventually accorded him a degree of recognition and a modicum of financial success. after a twenty five year residency in the community of muir beach, california, smith moved to the town of crockett where his interest in photography was reborn.

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sopa fine arts gallery

fine art gallery in kelowna, british columbia, canada

art matters

artmatters is a full-service art consulting firm creating exceptional spaces through art. we specialize in creating customized art solutions, from the initial art concept development through the design, selection, project management and fulfillment process, for corporate, hospitality and healthcare spaces throughout the greater washington, dc area.

swenson fine art

i do not have my gallery for now, but continue to be available for clients. i love hearing from all of you, whether it be for that perfect work of art that you are looking for, or the projects you are creating, or just to say hello. 

eaton fine art

eaton fine art, inc., established in 1992, is a full-service art consulting firm specializing in creative project design, publishing and custom framing for the hospitality and healthcare industry internationally.

ascot studios

ascot studios was founded in 2005, and over the last 14 years have sold hundreds of beautiful original paintings to discerning art collectors all over the world. gallery director, phil harwood, has a wealth of experience in international art sales, including the procurement of highly collectible 20th century museum artists. phil now represents an exclusive group of leading contemporary artists, and works with private collectors from the uk, europe & the usa 

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purchase fine art giclée prints
from original abstract paintings and photography
by harry gruenert,
canvas prints, framed prints,
prints on archival paper, metal, acrylic, wood and more

abstract artist gallery

abstract artist was created in a collaborative effort in order to present a vast online collection of the very best abstract artists of our day. simplicity is the key to presenting such a collection to the world, where the main page is an updated gallery index of all our juried artists. we do not sell original artwork of our artists, but rather serve as a central hub that channels artist with audience by promoting members artwork through organic search results and social media. we introduced the abstract artist gallery in early 2011 and are already becoming a wonderful and diverse resource for artists, art collectors, and students. was developed and launched in 2002 by wooloo, a danish artist group founded by sixten kai nielsen, martin rosengaard, and russell ratshin.
today, — the group's first project — connects the resources of more than 30,000 cultural producers internationally, and is growing daily.

ulm aachener hobby aegyptologen

künstler/innen haben in jahrzehnte langer arbeit eine sammlung von kunstwerken geschaffen, die in ihrer art einen besonderen und einmaligen ausdruck aufweisen. ein großer teil von ihnen ist gegenwartskunst, thematisiert mit altägyptischen symbolen. so wird u. a. kritisch die sorglose behandlung ägyptischer mumien sowie der heutigen natur dargestellt. 

© harry gruenert